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Flatpack furniture is said to have been invented by Gillis Lundgren a Swedish draughtsman and designer in 1956.

Having bought a table, he found he was unable to fit it in his car. He removed the legs and reassembled it at home from the components. This decision was recognised as an excellent concept by his employer Ikea who went on to build a global empire based upon it.

Flat pack furniture is also know as read to assemble furniture (RTA), self assembly furniture and knock down (KD) furniture.

The flat packed products are bought boxed and the customer provides the last part of the production line by building the unit at home.

Significant cost savings are made not only by the customer providing the labour to build the furniture, but also from the ability for efficiently storing and shipping of the product. Transportation requires simple shifting of palletised boxes of products rather than careful manual handling of assembled furniture.

Flatpack is also convenient for the customer. They can often collect the items they require from a store immediately as the retailer requires less space to store the products. Transporting the product home can often be done in the customers own car. Unassembled products are generally much easier to get into home with access problems too.

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