Flat pack factories and suppliers

Flatpack furniture factories and manufacturers are based all over the world. The UK has several very successful KD furniture manufacturers who compete with factories based both in Europe and the Far East/China.

As the market becomes more and more competitive, factories strive to be more efficient and to keep costs as low as possible.

Below is a selection of flatpack furniture factories.

Furniture Suppliers

MMI Flatpack furniture - Poland

Best Office Furniture - Flatpack and High Quality

Cheap chipboard - recycling

Mazur Direkt - Leather and upholstered dining chair manufacturer

Szynaka bedroom, kitchen, office & living room furniture factory

Vox - office, nursery & bedroom flatpack furniture manufacturer

Other factories

Cheap chipboard supplier - recycling

Click Spares (previously known as the Spare Parts Helpline) frequently has quantities of furniture panels for reuse in other applications. This provides a cheap supply of chipboard products to a number of industries.

Please note: this list is a directory of companies who own factories and manufacture flatpack furniture and does not form a recommendation by flatpack-furniture.co.uk. If you wish your company to be added to this list, please contact flatpack-furniture

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